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Tyrerack Balancing

Wheel balancing helps to ensure that the weight of the wheel is even when it turns. Wheels that are not balanced generally produce a vibration that is uncomfortable to the driver and results in premature wearing of tyres, suspension and steering components.

The first sign that your wheels may be out of balance is when your steering wheel starts to wobble above a certain speed causing considerable discomfort while holding the wheel.

Uneven tyre wear is another sign that your wheels may be incorrectly balanced. This is because to compensate for the added stress on the tyres that the imbalance has created, the tyres start to wear from the edges, whereas with balanced tyres, they will wear from the middle. When this occurs, it will mean that you will have to change your tyres as they will no longer provide you with the necessary grip to drive safely.

You will also need tyre balancing as soon as you purchase new tyres for your vehicle. This process is performed in order to ensure that all of the tyres are balanced with the wheel weights to ensure the smooth running of each of the tyres.

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